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The creative work of others is hugely influential in shaping my outlook on the world, sense of color, feeling and passion. I am in awe of what all of these individuals have done. Their work has opened my mind before, during and after my own creative process. To be able to experience what they have done is something to be excited about each and every day. I strongly encourage you to check them out.


chuck palahniuk (survivor)
dalai lama (the art of happiness)
eiji yoshikawa (musashi, taiko)
iain banks (transition, culture series)
musashi (five rings)
orson scott card (ender's game)
sergei lukyanenko (night watch)
william gibson (neuromancer)


beastie boys
buddha bar
cafe del mar
chill out in paris
clint mansell
dead can dance
dj o
dj serebe
djivan gasparyan
eastwestern string ensemble
jane's addiction
lisa gerrard
massive attack
nusrat fateh ali khan
nine inch nails
rhian sheehan
skinny puppy
sigur ros
thievery corporation
trent reznor
wax tailor


andy & lana wachowski (the matrix)
cameron crowe (vanilla sky)
christopher nolan (inception)
darren aronofsky (requiem for a dream, the fountain)
david fincher (fight club)
francis ford coppola (koyanisqatsi)
gaspar noe (irreversible)
gus van sant (elephant)
jeff nichols (shotgun diaries)
joel and ethan coen (no country for old men)
luc besson (leon: the professional, the fifth element)
matthew vaughn (layer cake)
michael mann (heat)
michel gondry (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind)
neil blomkamp (district 9)
nicolas winding refn (pusher trilogy)
park chan-wook (oldboy)
paul haggis (crash)
paul thomas anderson (magnolia)
quentin tarantino (reservoir dogs, pulp fiction)
richard kelly (donnie darko)
ridley scott (alien, blade runner)
ron fricke (baraka)
shane meadows (dead man's shoes)
tarsem singh (the fall)
tomas alfredson (let the right one in)
tony scott (man on fire, spy game)
walter salles (the motorcycle diaries)
william friedkin (bug)
zack snyder (300)

other creatives

gregory colbert (photographer, ashes & snow)

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